Top 5 Web Push Notification WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Web Push Notification WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Best Web Push Notification WordPress Plugins. Web Push Notifications are the content message sent to the users which help to increase your website traffic.

Nowadays almost every new blogger is using push notification to notify the user about their newly published post. before 2016 this type of notifications is only available on mobile phones.

while using apps like Facebook, Instagram or any another type of app of any category you are getting push notifications. but now this functionality is also available for the blogs and websites.

Web Push Notification

Web push notifications send the clickable messages to the users who subscribe or optin for notifications. and the best thing is that they support on both the devices i.e. on mobile and desktop.
before we starts first let’s know the advantages of Web Push Notifications. Following are some benefits of using web push notification:

  • first and most important they convert your blog visitor’s into subscriber
  • if they subscribe they will get notified via push notification which makes them returning visitor and generating traffic
  • web push notification works perfectly on any device such as mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • device compatibility makes it easier to generate traffic
  • allow you to create a brand image among the visitors

Now lets starts and see Top 5 Web Push Notification WordPress Plugins

1. one signal
Here we put the OneSignal plugin in the first place because this plug is very easy and popular among the blogger.

even there are hundreds of tutorials available on YouTube which tells how to use OneSignal WordPress plugin. this plugin works with many other platforms such as visual studio, android studio, unity game studio and many more. you can set the notification rules, automation rules, also you can schedule notifications.

OneSignal is free to use the plugin and easy to integrate with WordPress. only one thing need to know is that this is not available for Firefox mobile browser till date 09-01-2019. we wish to get this plugin on firefox mobile also.

Visit OneSignal

2. PushCrew
This is another web push notification plug available in WordPress. you can add the images or emojis in your push notification.

you can also add CAT button which redirects and lands the user on another page which will be useful for you if you have multiple blogs, in this way the visitor of your blog will get introduced to your new blog or website.

with PushCrew you can send unlimited notifications for your subscribers count up to 2,000. if you want to send the push notifications to your subscribers with the number more than 2,000 subscribers you will have to upgrade your plan which costs around $18 per month.

like OneSignal web push notification PushCrew also does not supported on firefox mobile version. In the future, we may get PushCrew support on firefox mobile.

Visit PushCrew

3.   PushAssist
PushAssist is another popular web push notification service. PushAssist also has a dedicated WordPress plugin to the user the service.

PushAssist supports on chrome, firefox, safari on both desktop and mobile version. like any other web push notification service PushAssist also has an option to personalize, design, and schedule your push notifications.

this service is free for first 3,000 subscribers. but if you want to sen notifications to more that 3,000 users then you will have to opt for a paid plan which will cost you $9 per month.

Visit PishAssist

4. All Push Notification for WP
Unlike other services, All Push Notification for WP is also free and comes with a dedicated WordPress plugin.

but this push notification is only supported on mobile devices. All Push Notification for WP supports Apple push notification service, Google cloud messaging, and firebase Messaging.

I personally do not recommend to use All Push Notification for WP because of its limitations and it is complicated to use. besides that is also popular and used by many bloggers that’s why we included this plugin in a list.

Download This Plugin: All Push Notification for WP

5. PushEngage
Now PushEngage is very popular service like OneSignal and this is also standalone service, but PushEngage also has dedicated WordPress plugin unlike other.

in india this service is used by many popular brands such as indeed job listing website, AJIO the jio’s shopping app and website.

this plugin has some great features such as geotargeting, dynamic segmentation, analytics, automatic responder etc. PushEngage is supported in Chrome, Firefox desktop, and mobile version, and also on Samsung Internet Browser.
For the first 2,500 subscribers PushEngage is free and you can send 120 notifications per month. and for more subscribers to sen the notifications you will nedd to pay $29 per month.

Visit Push Engage

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You can try these services and makes the decision on your own. but we have finalize two services that are easy and best.

  • OneSignal
  • PushEngage

OneSignal is great service to start with and it is also free.

there are many video tutorials available on how to use OneSignal Web Push Notification on YouTube. it is easy to integrate and use with WordPress.

PushEngage is another great service, easy to use but you can use this for free only for 2,500 subscribers.

after thay you will need to buy a upgraded plan. in India this services are used by well known big brands such as Indees, AJIO, TIMES NOW, Alamo, and famous blogger such as ShoutMeLoud.